About Rachel

Rachel is a doctor who has worked for the NHS for 30 years. She is also a wife, a mother of two, and a campaigner. She care passionately about social justice, human rights, education and public services. She decided to get involved to help bring about a positive change for the country. She has worked as a Parliamentary Candidate, a Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, a Councillor and Campaign Manager. She has spent her life in public service and believes strongly in working hard to help improve lives.

Education and Early Life

Rachel was born in a top floor flat in Holland Road, London, and soon after the family moved to Roehampton. Her country roots run deep however as her grandparents were farmers. When Rachel was seven the family moved again to the United States, returning a few years later. Since adulthood Rachel has lived and worked in most parts of the UK.

Professional Experience 

She has been an NHS doctor for thirty years, having qualified to practice both as a GP and a public health doctor. Rachel has worked as a GP, and also Director of Public Health and a Medical Director. She has worked in some of the most deprived areas in the country and has held executive level positions in organisations with budgets of £100 millions. She has been part of a team that turned around an organisation with a very large deficit and at the same time improved the quality of local NHS services. She has successfully worked to establish new heart attack and stroke centres in local hospitals and has turned around a number of clinical services. Her passion is in working with other doctors, nurses and social care staff to improve services and to integrate health and social care. 

Rachel was adviser to the Shadow Secretary of State for Health, from 2007-10, advising on the transfer of public health to local authorities.

Rachel is also a director in a successful small family business. 

Political Experience

Rachel’s political experience includes:

  • Previous Parliamentary Candidate, Harrow West. Cut the Labour majority by almost two thirds, from approximately 8000 down to 3000 votes.
  • Former Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner – to set up the plans for a public health approach to crime reduction and developing strategic partnership working on drugs, alcohol, mental health and violence.
  • Fought and won a by-election for a council seat, serving on a number of committees.
  • Track record of significant fundraising for both political and charitable causes.
  • Served as Deputy Chair of local Conservative Association.
  • Campaign coordinator of a number of campaigns including:
    • Council win from Lib Dems
    • Police & Crime Elections win
    • Vote Leave constituency coordinator, within weeks setting up a campaign team, delivering literature to the whole constituency three times and running a number of street stalls and hustings events (speaking alongside cross party representatives).
  • Board member for Women for Britain and adviser on NHS to Vote Leave
  • Successful single issue campaigner both as a candidate and an activist – including against over development and stopping the building of a tower block, obtaining a new stroke centre, changing a bus route and reclaiming a neglected and forgotten local public space.


Campaigner against Anti-semitism. Rachel has been involved through personal links to Jewish community and has been active in the campaign against anti-semitism for the past decade. Understanding of this form of racism is poor and unfortunately is an issue that is often endemic in the hard left as well as the hard right, and building public awareness of this threat is something Rachel believes strongly in.

Rachel has built strong relationships with BME communities including community leaders and contacts with temples and mosques. She has jointly campaigned with the Conservative Friends of India, British Asian Conservative Link, Conservative Muslim Forum, British Tamil Conservatives, and the Conservative Friends of Israel.

International Anti-Genocide Campaigner 

Internationally Rachel first became involved when she led and coordinated a number of human rights campaigns against war crimes and treatment of civilians in Sri Lanka. She was involved in a successful campaign for the release of imprisoned doctors in Sri Lanka. She has influenced Conservative policy on Sri Lanka. Her humanitarian campaigning has now extended into anti-genocide awareness campaigns across other parts of the world, including in particular on behalf of minorities in the Middle East; working closely with a number of international humanitarian organisations. She campaigns on women’s rights in countries such as Saudi Arabia and against FGM. She is also a member of a group that campaigns for self-determination of stateless peoples such as the Kurds and Tibetans, and for safe havens for at risk peoples such as the Assyrian Christians.

Charitable Work

Nationally Rachel raises funds and campaigns on behalf of SSAFA, the armed forces charity.

Local charitable and social action work has included being a school governor; fundraising and organising events for SSAFAMencap and Practical Action; and being a regular volunteer for wildlife organisations including the local Wildlife Trust. She is currently campaigning to raise awareness of the decline in hedgehog numbers and helping to set up a hedgehog friendly campus. She believes in putting hard work into action and has also helped local cub scouts, tweenagers group and PTFAs.

“I feel the greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more.” Dr Jonas Salk, 1914-95. Discovered the Polio Vaccine.

“How wonderful that no-one need wait a single moment to improve the world.” Anne Frank, 1929-1945. Diarist.