The Right Honourable, The Lord [Peter] Lilley, former Secretary of State

“Rachel is a great leader and campaigner, has strong values and is a nationally respected expert on reforming the NHS and social care integration.”

Seema Kennedy MP, Former Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health 

“Rachel has an understanding of running and transforming health services that is unrivalled.”

Eric Pickles MP, former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Govt and former Conservative Party Chairman:

“Rachel is hardworking and an inspirational leader.”

Dr Mark Lim, Doctor NHS Director: “Rachel has worked both as part of the grassroots and also at a very senior level in the NHS, significantly improving services for patients. What she doesn’t know about the NHS and running public services isn’t worth knowing.”

Jan Jananayagam, Founder/Director Tamils Against Genocide Europeon behalf of Tamils Against Genocide Inc.[TAG]: “I would like to express our appreciation for Dr. Joyce for the interest she has shown in opposing ethnic persecution and crimes against humanity and her campaigning work in this area. I first met her when she spoke at a public meeting to try to prevent mass atrocities in the then ongoing Sri Lankan war. This was well before Channel 4 publicized the mass atrocities that ultimately took place in the final six months of that war through the now wellknown documentary “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields”. It was clear even at that first meeting that she was one of few political candidates, who had researched the issues at stake and understood the importance of understanding the historic political processes.

Rachel has spoken at many events on the need for accountability as well as a proper historical understanding for mass atrocities and genocide. She researches her material thoroughly and is unafraid to take principled positions.”

Graham Williamson, Director – Act Now: Supporting Human Rights:  When the Tamil protests were at their height she made her position on human rights very clear. Unlike many politicians her stance in favour of the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka was unequivocal and not, in my opinion, influenced by voting considerations. She supported our Yellow Ribbon campaign on behalf of the 300,000 Tamil civilians incarcerated in camps and backed calls into an independent international investigation into allegations of war crimes in Sri Lanka in 2009.