The Right Honourable, The Lord [Peter] Lilley, former Secretary of State and Deputy Leader of Conservative Party

“Rachel would be an incredibly valuable addition to Parliament. She is a great leader and campaigner, has strong Conservative values and is a nationally respected expert on reforming the NHS and social care integration.”


Eric Pickles MP, former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Govt and former Conservative Party Chairman:

“Rachel is hardworking and an inspirational leader. She will be an asset to any constituency that selects her.”


Seema Kennedy MP, Former Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health 

“Rachel has an understanding of running and transforming health services that is unrivalled in the party.  Her expertise in parliament would be invaluable.”

Sonia Chohan, Former Area Chairman, Hertfordshire Conservatives: “Rachel possesses a grounding and a unique ability to connect with people that stands her in good stead to always represent her constituents well. Her exceptional qualities and endless enthusiasm has made her an invaluable asset to Hertfordshire Conservatives and her contribution to the Area Team has always been first-class. She is a committed Conservative and there is no doubt in my mind that Rachel will be a great addition to Parliament.”


Ray Graham, Chairman, RN&PCA when Rachel stood in Harrow West: “Ruislip,Northwood and Pinner C.A., being ‘twinned’ with the Harrow West Constituency at the General Election, worked very closely with Rachel’s Team at every level over an extended period. I was personally involved over the whole period and consequently I am in a position to comment upon Rachel from first hand experience.

I will start by saying that in the opinion of myself, and very many others, it is unlikely that anyone could have worked harder and more consistently than Rachel. The lady canvassed the whole of the Constituency twice – some sections three times – with her team. She did all that was required of her when engaging with residents, Branches, businesses and also ethnic and minority groups. Rachel demonstated good leadership and platform skills and it was always a pleasure, no matter what the problems or ‘odds’ to work alongside her. She spread her message by whatever means was appropriate and her energy was outstanding. Her husband is completely supportive.

I am convinced that had the General Election been a ‘separate’ issue Rachel would have won Harrow West for our Party. Furthermore, Gareth Thomas MP (Labour) – the sitting MP – was able to ride on the fact that Harrow Council (Conservative) was proving unpopular in some quarters for having to make some tough cost saving decisions!

Dr. Rachel Joyce will, I have no doubt whatever, make a really excellent Candidate for wherever she is selected and of course a very good MP.”


Dr Mark Lim, Doctor and Chairman of the Islington Conservative Federation: “Rachel has worked both as part of the grassroots and also at a very senior level in the NHS, significantly improving services for patients. What she doesn’t know about the NHS and running public services isn’t worth knowing.”


Narinder Mudhar, Harrow Resident “I was delighted to work closely with Rachel on her campaign against the over-development of Greenhill ward in Harrow. She worked really hard and the campaign really engaged residents and her campaign managed to successfully fight off what would have been a totally inappropriate development that would have ruined the skyline of historic Harrow.


Gary Markwell, Conservative Party Campaign Manager: Having been a member of the Conservative Party since the age of 16 and serving as Campaign Manager for a number of Conservative Associations throughout the UK, I can confidently say that I have never worked with anybody more hardworking and determined than Rachel Joyce.

Rachel worked tirelessly as part of her General Election campaign for the seat of Harrow West, always leading from the front and always motivating others to work hard to achieve our goals.

With Harrow West being one of the most ethnically diverse seats in the UK, Rachel demonstrated that she not only has the personality to appeal to all demographics, but also the skills to communicate her message and that of the Party to all residents.

As her Agent in the General Election, I witnessed firsthand how Rachel put in above and beyond what is expected of a candidate to every aspect of the Party machinery in the constituency; from recruiting new Party members and volunteers to raising funds and canvassing voters. Harrow West Conservative Association is in a far better position to fight future elections because of Rachel and I believe that nobody could have worked harder for the Party than she did.

Rachel has already demonstrated that she is a first class Parliamentary candidate and I believe she will make an outstanding Member of Parliament for any constituency that is lucky enough to have her.


Georgie Calle, former Chair of Hertfordshire Conservative Future: ‘Rachel is a greatly enthusiastic and committed campaigner, going out in all weathers and to all lengths to help others’ campaigns. In particular she has been a fantastic supporter of younger members, always providing support and encouragement that enables them to attend events and canvass sessions. Personally, Rachel has also always been on hand to offer advice and guidance for which I am very grateful.’


Jan Jananayagam, Founder/Director Tamils Against Genocide Europeon behalf of Tamils Against Genocide Inc.[TAG]: “I would like to express our appreciation for Dr. Joyce for the interest she has shown in opposing ethnic persecution and crimes against humanity and her campaigning work in this area.

I first met her when, in her capacity as candidate for Harrow West, she spoke at a public meeting to try to prevent mass atrocities in the then ongoing Sri Lankan war. This was well before Channel 4 publicized the mass atrocities that ultimately took place in the final six months of that war through the now wellknown documentary “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields”. It was clear even at that first meeting that she was one of few political candidates, who had researched the issues at stake and understood the importance of understanding the historic political processes.

Rachel has spoken at many events on the need for accountability as well as a proper historical understanding for mass atrocities and genocide. She researches her material thoroughly and is unafraid to take principled positions.

I am confident that her work in the above areas is the foundation for a much-deserved, long and successful career as a political activist and campaigner for global civil and political rights. I wish for her the very best in her work.”


Graham Williamson, Director – Act Now: Supporting Human Rights: I have known Rachel on and off for the last three years. When the Tamil protests were at their height she made her position on human rights very clear. Unlike many politicians her stance in favour of the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka was unequivocal and not, in my opinion, influenced by voting considerations. She supported our Yellow Ribbon campaign on behalf of the 300,000 Tamil civilians incarcerated in camps and backed calls into an independent international investigation into allegations of war crimes in Sri Lanka in 2009.

We have always found her helpful and supportive. We need more conviction politicians rather than less to right the many wrongs throughout the world.


Nick Hurd, of State: Rachel would make a fantastic MP. She has a great deal of experience in both the NHS and the Conservative Party. She is very good with constituents and a real team player.